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Are you a real estate agent / developer, car dealer or a seller in Cyprus?

  • Do you want to expand your market share?
  • Do you want to attract new buyers or renters?
  • Do you want to increase your sales?
  • Do you want to effortless reach more potential customers in Cyprus?

Advertise your items for sale on Cyprus Trader with minimal effort and at low cost

Cyprus Trader offers two solutions in which you can bulk import your items, properties, cars or anything for sale or rent to Cyprus Trader. Your properties, cars or items for sale will not just get imported to Cyprus Trader but they will be updated on weekly or daily bases. Any updates you perform on your website or database will propagate on Cyprus Trader to ensure data integrity.

Solutions provided enable you at minimum effort and cost to expand your market share and reach more potential customers from Cyprus and all over the world.

Spider Solution

The mechanism is a software similar to a search engine spider. This software runs on our servers and browses your website to copy all your items for sale/rent. All the item details are imported including contact details and photos and automatically copied to Cyprus Trader and classified in the most appropriate categories and locations. The listings will be updated regularly so that any changes you make to these on your website get reflected on Cyprus Trader. The spider is very efficient and uses minimal bandwidth.

This is the most efficient solution as it does not require any effort from your side. We do everything for you!

XML Solution

Graphical representation of the import system

Bulk Listing Advertisement

The solution that we have is based on XML documents. You will need to provide as with an XML document of all your properties, cars or items for sale and there after we will take responsibility to import these to Cyprus Trader. Your XML document must be available on your site or on a location where Cyprus Trader processes can access.

On the technical perspective we need a method to transfer your properties from your site to Cyprus Trader automatically. To do that, we need some kind of communication between the two sites. We will achieve this using the XML document.

Your properties, cars or items for sale will not just get imported to Cyprus Trader but they will be updated on weekly or daily bases using that XML document. Its important that the XML document is updated or even better generated automatically based on the items you have in your database. This will allow synchronization between your site and Cyprus Trader.


The cost for any of these two solutions is a yearly subscription which depends on the number of items to be imported. This cost we charge is minimal to the benefits you get from this service.

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